Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Place Beyond, A two person show at Wally Workman Gallery and Aether Magazine!

Shane and I are having a two person show at Wally Workman Gallery this July called A Place Beyond. We have been working, working, working! It is all starting to come together.
Recently, Aether Magazine featured some of our work and a little about us in an article. Here is the link. 

Here is what Shane had to say about his body of work for A Place Beyond.

"I wanted to create a series of works that felt ethereal, soft and slightly surreal. I knew I wanted to use water to help me achieve a dreamlike effect. Serendipitously, our friend happened to have a huge piece of glass that she was no longer interested in. She dropped it off and I spent the next couple of weeks building a huge tank in our studio. It holds 900 gallons! 
I painted the inside of the tank white so that what we saw in the end was the model being affected by the water but the water was taken out of its normal context. By flipping the composition the water appears unaffected by gravity and the model enters into another world or state of consciousness. By mirroring the portraits I created a sense of dialogue between the model and herself."

The tank.
Here are some of the pieces he created.
Echo (diptych)13x10
oil on panel 
private collection 

Reflective (diptych)22x24
oil on panel 
available through Wally Workman Gallery

Fluidity (diptych)14.25x19 inchesoil on panelavailable through Wally Workman Gallery

The characters that I paint for A Place Beyond will have magic powers or a special connection to say, an animal or a place. They have the ability to give life or are the protectors of things such as moons or little creatures. These characters have been creating/protecting these things since the beginning of time. Here is a preview of my work for the show!

Forever She Sat Illuminating with Pure Cold Light
oil on panel
available through Wally Workman Gallery

A Home For A Restless Heart
oil on panel
available through Wally Workman Gallery


She Navigates the Black Night Illuminated by a Sea of Stars

oil on panel
available through Wally Workman Gallery

To see more of our work check out our website

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