Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shane's new painting for "Fortunate," Robert Lange Studios Charelston

Shane and I are on an epic journey! We just drove 1,400 miles to California. We dropped work off at Howard Schepp Fine Art in Palm Desert, CA. We have a brief break in Laguna before heading off to San Francisco to deliver our paintings at Sandra Lee Gallery. So far, it has been a blast! We have a brief break at home (to get a lot more painting done!) before heading to Charleston, SC for a show with Robert Lange Studios. We are both very excited!
Here is Shane's latest work! I think it is wonderful!

"Your Independence Will Lead You To A Bold Adventure"
by Shane Scribner 
Oil on Panel
24x24.5 inches


Jan said...

Road Trip! Sounds fun. :D

Love the love seat/couch ... adds a bit of fancy to the painting ... well done!

martinealison said...

Un voyage qui me paraît bien excitant...
Très joli travail.

Terry Strickland said...

Yay! This is a wonderful piece! I have a drawing in the show too. I won't be there in person this time :( Great work!

Terry Strickland said...

You two are on fire! Congrats on all the gallery work! I saw your work in the AAC on the Robert Lange show. I have a drawing in the show too. Are you going out for the opening?

Shane and Sara Scribner said...

Thanks ladies!

Thanks Terry! I haven't seen the AAC feature about the show. We will have to pick one up! We are going to Charleston! We are really looking forward to it!
Good luck at your two man show (that is so cool!) Keep up the great work!