Friday, July 29, 2011

Graham Lane

Our friend Graham Lane just added a blogspot. Check out his wonderful sculptures! This particular piece will be on exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis!


martinealison said...

Sculpture tr├Ęs ├ętonnante.
gros bisous

♡Shayla♡ said...

oh wow! sculptures are a medium i will always have great respect for, but never ever be able to even understand the first thing of how to accomplish such a great thing.

awesome artist.

hey scribners! lots of confusion on the blog thing this summer- i've actually moved it, so if you'd like to re-subscribe that'd be awesome! even if not- once things start settling down, I'll email you more about that feature i'd like to do on both of you. It'll probably be autumn before it happens - but i'm still very interested. :)