Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two snow days in a row = finished work!

"II Piove"
by Sara Scribner
31x32 inches
oil painting on panel


Jan said...

Isn't that great!!! (I have to imagine what it's like to be accomplished like that ... lol.)

Jan said...

saulff (word verification salutation ... lol), my cyber friend,
I was pulled in (again) to look at your painting. Love love the colors and the story that might be told about what's happening ... d-lite-fool. Okay, I am being silly, but I mean no silliness in my appreciation of your art.

Do you give classes? Not that I could afford them, but I sure could learn from you.


Shane and Sara Scribner said...

Thanks Jan!
We do give art lessons. Where do you live?